Monday, June 30, 2008

Fire Breathing and Key Quests

This weekend Keste and I didn't have much of a plan. I've already started calling my work with the Isle of Isle of Quel'Danas my "chores". I spent some time helping some less experienced adventurers and then was sort of at a loss of what to do with my time. So I decided to finish with the Fire Festival events before it was too late.

I had already acquired the Crown of the Fire Festival and Vestments of Summer from previous efforts. Like I mentioned before, I am way too uncoordinated to earn blossoms from the torch juggling tasks. I quite simply gave up on trying. So I wandered the Outland countryside and picked up enough blossoms to buy the Mantle of the Fire Festival. Folks tell me how neat the summer sandals are but they forget I don't have toes to wear sandals! So I believe I am now done.

I celebrated with some Fiery Festival Brew which had some very interesting side effects. This is the second time I've tried alcohol and each time there is some result from it. If this is the norm, why would people drink so much? Like the dwarves for example. You find them with brew in their hand more often then not. Perhaps they do not see these things as they are much more used to the drink than I. I'll have to research into this more.

Later on Keste and I did get a bit more organized and focused on a goal. We've decided to obtain the Key to the Arcatraz. We did all sorts of leg work out in Netherstorm. It started with us assisting the Consortium and before we knew it we were learning how to break into Arcatraz.

Keste and I assembled a team and obtained the bottom shard of the Arcatraz Key inside the Mechanar. I took this picture because I wanted to share the successful use of one of my new spells.

Look at my picture closely. You see the rings of fire swirling around me? Well I am a magic thief! I was able to spellsteal this off a blood elf inside the dungeon. Honestly it didn't do much but make me look pretty. But it looks pretty! With this success of this spell, I might try doing this more often just to see what I can obtain. It is a shame I'm not able to unlock the secrets of the spell to recreate them myself. Perhaps with time I can work on that.

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Pike said...

Spellsteal = one of the things that sort of makes me wish I had a mage! =P