Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Learn 2 RP: Playing In Character

I am a firm believer that everything can be role-played in game. Dungeon crawling, showing off new gear, looking for a group, it’s all possible. You just need to explain things as you would if you were speaking out of game.


IC: Looking for brave adventures to assist in the reclaiming of the Deadmines!

OOC: [Mace of Awesome] just dropped!
IC: Look what we have wrested from the hands of the Scarlet Crusaders! *Holds up [Mace of Awesome]*

OOC: Desdarii sheep the star.
IC: This next group of foes looks to be too many. Desdarii can you perhaps take the one in the far back out of the fight with a spell?

If you are ever not sure if something is OOC or not though, take the time to ask yourself: “Would my character say this and know what it means?” If the answer is no, make sure you mark your chat as OOC by ((putting them in parenthesis)).

Some may think that taking the time to play your character in game for things like in a dungeon (or maybe just in general) takes too much effort. It really isn't very difficult after you've done it once. It's just a different mind set. Again, things may require a bit more typing but you just may find out that it really enriches the dungeon and gives it something special it may not of had before. What have you got to lose? I say you give it a try!

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