Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learn 2 RP: Role-Play Speech

Forsooth! I spy yonder dragon assaulting that fair maiden. Fear not damsel for I shall save thee!

You may be wondering if it is required of you to learn to medieval speech in order to role-play. I’m here to tell you, no you do not. You most certainly can if you wish to, but most role-players will accept normal speech for role-play.

I should probably clarify that. Normal speech as in proper English (or whatever your primary language is). Full sentences, no acronyms and definitely no leet speak or texting language. It will take a little longer to type but it’s worth it.

No one is expecting you to be an English major. You certainly can and will spell things wrong. Everyone does it. Just taking the time to type out the words makes the experience better for everyone and helps you stay immersed in the discussion and your character.

The other thing you need to focus on while role-playing is making sure you don’t start talking about things outside of the game. Movies at the theater, the latest basketball game, or your dog slobbering on your keyboard are things outside of the game and would not be something your character would discuss. Keep your conversations in character and only break it if necessary.

Another option for playing with your character’s speech is to give them an accent. You can purposely spell certain words or use alternate words to convey your character’s accent. Say you play a dwarf and could carry out a Scottish accent. “Aye, laddie. That be ma drink!” Or an undead that has trouble with certain letters because he’s missing his lower jaw.

It’s just important to note that your character’s speech can be whatever you make it. Just keep it fun, interesting and in proper speech form.


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