Friday, June 13, 2008

Levixus the Soul Caller

Desdarii turns and looks at Keste, "Are you sure that shadowy menacing creature is our target?

Keste nods.


I think I've mentioned before my fear of those who work in the shadow arts. The thought of fighting this giant warlock is something of a nightmare to me. I go where my fearless bear goes and did what I could to swallow my fear and focus on the task at hand.

Unfortunately that is easier said than done. In the middle of battle I was actually overtaken. Levixus was in my mind and controlling my actions! When I was finally able to break free of his grip I was so completely consumed with fear that I ran away from the fight. Without my support Keste was also forced to flee. I spent several minutes hysterically calling to the Light to bless me and remove whatever taint Levixus had placed on me.

Keste was very kind not to make me feel worse about my cowardice. I guess he sensed how horrible I felt already. He posted a notice that we were looking for adventurers to assist us. A warrior and hunter came to his call. Keste was certain to defeat Levixus even if I chose to run again now that we had the extra assistance. I was feeling a bit safer with the extra support and was able to stay and lend my magic to the assault.

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