Monday, June 9, 2008


Well I sort of met one of my goals last night, just not with Desdarii. My bloodelf on Khaz Modan was invited by our friends in Echoes to join them on their first trip into Karazhan. So Keste on his paladin and I on my priest filled in their last two slots. I have to say for our first trip we didn't do badly. We were able to kill the first two bosses.

I was a little annoyed that although we were supposed to start at 4pm we didn't start until 6pm. Some of that was out of everyone's control as we had some horrible weather going across the state and since almost everyone lives in the same state we were taking turns having to hide in basements. Darn you nature!

My impressions on at least the first part of Kara is, ZOMGBBQAWESOME! I absolutely love absolutely everything I've seen so far. I love that is set up like a castle. I wanted to stay in the ballroom and dance with the npcs. I was advised against this but I still wanted to. I had fun sitting at the banquet table and pretending I was watching a dinner show instead of a slaughter. Good times!

I have a feeling we'll be replaced when others in the guild get up to 70 but it was a good preview of what is to come for Desdarii. I'm certain it will be just if not more fun role-playing in Karazhan with Thalanaar.

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