Thursday, June 26, 2008

Karazhan At Last

Last night was a very big evening. First off, I was able to travel to enough festival sites and steal enough horde flames to be able to earn myself a Brazier of Dancing Flames. I also was given the Crown of the Fire Festival for my assault on the horde towns.

I found Silvermoon City the most difficult. Those guards hit hard and the fire is so far inside the city! But I did it.

The flame in Undercity was being guarded by some brave hordies but they underestimated my patience. I found a hiding spot and lay there hidden until I saw my chance and when I did I grabbed the flame and ran. Victory!

I still have plans to pick up at least the summer robe as I've seen it in town and think it's very pretty. I haven't decided if I want the shoulders as well. But this is all just a small part of my evening.

Into Karazhan

Team Banana, lead by Geearthur, was one short for his excursion into Karazhan and invited me to come. I was very excited although I did not quite meet the standards set by our raid leaders. He assured me I would be fine. I was definately willing to give it a shot as it has been my goal to work up to be Karazhan material.

I had a great time but I was nervous I would mess up and harm the raid. As a result, I may have been over cautious with my spells but I believe I did well and hopefully they will ask me to substitute in again in the future.

We made it to the the Maiden but that was where our adventures for the evening ended. The Maiden proved just slightly too much for us ((we got her down to 1% and wiped!)) and we had to call it an evening. The Bananas try again on Friday and while I told Geearthur I would be happy to fill in again if needed, I would prefer to wait until there is enough room for Keste as well. I feel a little guilty leaving him behind.

My dice were hot last night and I was able to get a void crystal from one of Attumen's items and a Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran from Moroes. The cloak is a very large improvement over my previous cloak and is my very first epic item.

Was a grand time and I secretly hope they still need me on Friday to help bring down the Maiden. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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