Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Turpster Dings 70

I mentioned Turpster's plans to ding 70 in my graduation post and today WoW Insider shared a video of the event. I love the idea of being a level 70 "boss" for lowbies to kill. I've seen other topics on it before and the first one I read about was actually done with a mage. I remember telling Keste about it all excited wanting to do the same thing with Desdarii when she was finally 70. Unfortunately when I discussed a different event for my guild that would require new characters I was told that most do not have any empty character slots. I still would love to do it though.

The video is really nothing special but shows the truly massive turn out they had and how Turpster didn't just show up and wait to be killed, he had phases much like a real boss that the little dwarves and gnomes had to keep up with. I only wished they had shown the actual act of Turpster dinging so I could see how the archmage looked. Mostly to help me prepare for tonight though.

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