Friday, June 20, 2008

Fresh Level 70 Mage Gear

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m looking to get Desdarii into Karazhan. My guild has a listing that is probably pretty typical across guilds for stat requirements to be a contributing member of a Kara group.

Keste has been helping me compile a list of starter gear I can get now doing regular dungeons and some pvp to help me prepare for this jump into raiding. Take this post with a grain of salt. I am figuring for my own particular circumstances and knowing that I most likely will not be snuck into Kara early, I’m not a tailor and I probably won’t be running many heroics anytime soon. Most items will have a quest item or a crafted piece listed as well as a dungeon drop item to give you choices. I’m notorious for my bad luck with drops so having options, even if not as good as the dropped piece is required.

Here’s the list of items I’m going to be trying for. They are listed in ranking of most to least desired. Getting the top pick items (with proper gems and enchants) will get me very close to the Kara level. Only stat I’d be short on would be spell crit. After getting this gear though I should be better suited for heroics and will boost that stat.

Comments and suggestions welcome!



Larísa said...

Are you really sure about not picking up tailoring? I regret som much doing it myself. At the level I'm now gearwise it's too late, but it definitly isn't too late for you. Spellfire and Spellstrike set will carry you all the way...

Anyway... you don't have to be a tailor to get Spellstrike set. Even though you won't get a bonus the stats are great. I used it for a very long time. It's well worth the investment of time.

You could try to buy Bringer of Death at AH. It used to be expensive but prices have fallen a lot. It's a great staff for starting out Kara.

If you get a one handed sword/staff there's a nice offhand Lamp of peacful radience dropping in Aratraz normal, from the end boss.

A nice one hand sword you can get from getting exalted with Honor Hold (which means running shattred halls a great many times.)

I was planning to get that one until the prince dagger dropped for me.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll check out the Bringer of Death on the AH tonight. I haven't been through Arcatraz yet but hopefully I can get a run in soon. I did see the sword from Honor Hold but I am so far from exalted I didn't even consider it an option ;)

I am currently a jewelcrafter and it's something my guild needs so I'd like to stick with it if possible. I know the tailoring set is amazing gear but I'll survive. I do have tailoring on my priest so at least she'll be all set when she gets to 70.