Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Learn 2 RP: Getting Started

So you are interested in trying out role-playing but aren’t sure where to begin. Well here’s a little secret for you that may put you at ease. Most role-players have their own style. There’s no manual you can follow to teach you how to role-play your character. Part of the fun is you get to create your own! However, there are basic guidelines that will help you adapt to your new community.

Stay in character.
Your character may discuss things like dungeons and weather, but it would make no sense for them to discuss the hot new song you downloaded to your ipod. You’ll want to stay in character (ic) as much as possible when role-playing. There are usually specific and numerous places where talking out of character (ooc) is permitted but it is typically frowned upon during role-play. If you absolutely must break character, make sure you let everyone know by putting your ooc chatter ((in parenthesis)).

Walk, Don’t Run
What’s your rush? Do you run everywhere you go in real life? I know I don’t. A good way to announce to other people that you are looking for role-play is to walk around instead of running.

Be Subtle
Running up to a character and blurting out that you like cheese probably won’t get you the satisfying role-play session you were hoping for. In fact, it most likely will get you ignored. Be a little less in their face when trying to start up role-play with someone. Comment on a person’s armor, their weapon, or their pet. You can also emote things that you are doing to show you are currently role-playing. You can go to the mailbox and grumble about some missing package, sit in an inn and polish your armor, or go to a shop and browse by picking things up to look at them.

Be Patient
Not everyone is a professional speed typist. One of the things you’ll have to learn as a role-player is to be patient. If you type something and someone doesn’t respond right away, it doesn’t mean someone isn’t trying to!

Ask for Help
Role-players are friendly and social folks. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, send a whisper to a person you are role-playing with. Let them know you are new and are in need of assistance. I’m certain that most of the time you will find a friendly person on the other side excited you are trying to role-play and is willing to help you.

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