Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Crazy Dungeon Filled Evening

The night started innocently enough. Sereg and Faraday were looking for companions to help them through Shadow Labyrinth to obtain a key fragment. Keste and I were also looking for the fragment and offered to join. Dineh was kind enough to volunteer to be our guide through the dungeon. It was a complete success ending with the slaying of the very scary (and I think he looks sort of like a monkey) Murmur. Only complaint I have is that he sure did like to make me explode!

Dineh had the grand idea of continuing on our key fragment quest in the Steamvaults. I had never been there but was more than willing to continue. The key fragments together would form the Master's Key for Karazhan. I heard rumor that not everyone one needs the key but I still think it's a good idea for copies to be about.

While we were working our way to the second fragment in Steamvaults, fellow Thalanaari started emptying the halls of the Arcatraz to aid us in obtaining the final fragment. So directly after picking up the second piece, we ran out there and grabbed piece #3. This was a wonderful display of teamwork!

All that was left to do was go to the Black Morass in the Cavern's of Time and convince Medivh to enable our 3 fragments, now formed into an apprentice key. Once again it was Sereg, Faraday, Keste, Dineh and myself fighting our way through waves and waves of dragonkin. We fought them with ease and defeated Aeonus thus completing our task.

As a bonus for my efforts, I also received a Mana-Etched Crown. It's completely silly but this looks like a crown. I wear it feeling like a princess. It's amazing the silly things that make me happy. Luckily it is also very powerful because I have a feeling I would have wanted to wear it even if it wasn't greater than my previous cap.

At the end of the day, Keste gave me some of his gold and I went to Shadowmoon Valley and purchased my snow griffin mount. Oh she is so beautiful. Now I just need to think of a fitting name for her.

I have to say I had a fantastic action packed evening and hope my fellows had an equally great time.

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