Thursday, June 26, 2008

Player Event Tips: Gatherings / Parties

Gatherings or parties are one of the types of events that you can host. I consider them the easiest of the three to pull together as you can generally just invite people out for a party on a whim and people can have a great time.

The concept is simple. You want to create a role-play environment where characters can meet up and chat and act out their stories. You may have a reason such as celebrating a holiday, someone’s birthday, or special achievement. However, a reason most definitely is not required. Feel free to set up a party just because it’s Thursday!

Make sure you announce that you intend to have a party. You can send out invitation via the mail, post a message on your guild’s blog or forums, and find an officer to make it your guild’s message of the day. Notice I said and in the previous sentence, not or. You’re going to have to make your event stand out and smack people in the face if you expect them to remember to attend. My guild also uses the Group Calendar mod which I find super useful showing me upcoming events without having to log out of the game.

The key to these is not to party your friends out. In my experience, setting up these things on a schedule guarantees attendance will wane. They generally are more fun when rare and spontaneous.

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