Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving On

I've spent many hard years learning what I can from Valaatu. She's gotten me in touch with folks around Ammen Vale who had little tasks they needed done. The tasks almost always required that I use some magic so it was great for practice. I feel that I've mastered the basics of magic and am currently showing a favoritism to water based spells. I’m not sure why this is. I think I can some how feel how water magic can easily flow from within me outwards while fire magic feels so much harsher and sudden. I can cast some of the simpler fire magic spells quite well but I definitely do not enjoy it as much and use them rarely.

My parents are spending less and less time at the crash site and have decided to move to the city that is being built out of the remains of the Exodar to the west of here. Rumor has it that it is beginning to turn into a real metropolitan area. People are starting to feel less like survivors and adapting to their surroundings. My mother said I was enough of a woman now that I could decide to stay in Ammen Vale if I choose. I am most definitely not as much as a woman as she thinks me to be because the thought of being separated from my parents terrified me.

Before I left Valaatu gave me the name of a new mage teacher in Exodar that I could see for a little more advanced training. I’m writing her name here lest I forget it on the journey. Bati. I have every intention to continue practicing magic and having a new instructor will help that goal.

What all this has done is helped me realize that I am the type of person who does not handle change well. I've grown very fond of Valaatu and her teachings. I am very upset to have to choose between my teacher and my parents. I’ll have to work on this flaw in my personality and try to adapt better.

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