Monday, June 16, 2008

Player Event Tips: Introduction

I’ve decided to try a new series to post in a similar style to my Learn 2 RP segments. It is a part of role-play that I positively love and feel very comfortable talking about. Player hosted in-game events.

Now why I feel so qualified to write on such a subject is that it was the hosting of player events that really brought me into the RP world. I always kind of played around and was a very casual RP’er but when I started hosting player events I started doing it full time. I’m not sure why I clicked into role-play this way but lets not worry about it. It happened and I’m here now.

I did the majority of my player events while playing Star Wars Galaxies on the Kauri server. I certainly do not recommend that game but the time I spent in space I do look back with fondness. There was a great community there that totally supported my events. I did all levels of events from small guild parties to large server shindigs. I was hooked on creating things to help other players have a great time.

When I made the switch to WoW I wanted to continue the player events but found it a little harder to break player events into the mainstream. Instead, I satisfied myself with a guild event that I hosted each month. I was a guild leader at the time and found the silly events would blow off steam and help the guild meld together instead snarling at each other in dungeons.

Now I’m on an RP server and with the fabulous Turus Thalanaar. I’ve been focusing quite a bit on just leveling my new mage up but as she will be 70 soon, I’m hoping to find a place to host some events and parties for my guildees. So far I’ve been very satisfied with their level of events that aren’t centered around “Lets go to this dungeon and do blah”. I hope to add to that.

What you can expect to be in my Player Events posts are some basic tips I’ve learned the hard way through the years as well as some event ideas I’ve done in the past. I truly hope they are useful for your next event!

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