Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Don't Have to Be Crazy To Raid With Us

... but it helps.

Also a special thank you to Alburet for selflessly passing on the wand that dropped and allowing me my Superior achievement as a result. Thank you!


Mae said...

You call it crazy, I call it fun. lol. Looks like your group has a blast!!

Alburet said...

Crazy i'm not crazy I'm sure of it. ::stops and seems to be listening:: Well I don't agree with me at all I also think I'm down right crazy. ::listens again:: then again I do agree with the first side that I'm not.......


Of course Des, its never been about loot to me but about the fun and the people.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If my guild could have such celebrations after a raid, I think I would be a happy draenei.

krizzlybear said...

dancing bear 40g
robot 3000g
canadian flag tabard 20s
don carlos hat 2g
pig feast 10g
voodoo gnomes 30g
jackolantern hat 50g
disco balls 200g
gorilla 10g
creepy eye thingy 30g
creepy skull thingy 50g
totems 1g
summoning stones 20s
pirate costumes 75s

Having a Blast in Naxx: Priceless.

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