Monday, January 5, 2009

Achievement Weekend!

Since Keste has recently been moved to the midnight shift (upsetting but at least he still has his job) I’ve been kind of goofing off in game. I guess it makes me realize he’s my anchor to get anything of real value done in game in terms of completing or even entering dungeons or working on my gear.

What have I been doing, then? Achievements! I still have been good about doing my dailies and I even did a quest or two in Icecrown but mostly I’ve been just getting achievements.


I finally was fed up being exalted with everyone except gnomeregan. Oh, you annoying little gnomes! Why do you make it so difficult to get you to like me!

I went and grabbed every single quest there was for Gnomeregan and did them all. I even did that silly one with the ring that you have to pay 30 silver to complete. I received the dungeon achievement for completing Gnomeregan. Still they refused to call me exalted.

I ran to the Auction House and bought up stacks and stacks of Runecloth to hand to their cloth quartermaster. After about 16 stacks they finally said “Ok Ok! We like you already!”

Success and my 5th title for Desdarii, Ambassador!

Sadly enough running Gnomeregan and doing all those quests took up almost an entire night of my playtime. It probably would have gone faster if I had stopped getting lost. It seemed every time I turned around I was staring at the entrance portal. I’m thinking Des just really didn’t want to be in there.


After my success with Gnomergan, I realized that now that I had the Workshop Key I was simply a Key to the City away from The Keymaster achievement. I really really dislike Stratholme but I sucked it up. It turned out that Stratholme really liked me this evening though. I was lucky enough to find two super fun trinkets in my wanderings inside.

I found the Piccolo of Flaming Fire, which I know people find super annoying but it’s really just tough. I’m making your character dance not give me all your gold or recite bad poetry or something. Have a little laugh every now and then. I’m really super happy to have this in my greedy little clutches. Gee best watch out. Dance wars are on!

I also obtained an Orb of Deception which I know Keste is super jealous about. I actually haven’t bound it to me yet. I thought about giving it to him since he does love it so much. Bah! This one is mine! Go find your own fuzz ball!

I found my Key to the City and got the Keymaster achievement easy enough but with all the lucky drops I was finding I decided it was too good an instance to leave. I set a path to finish the dungeon and get the achievement for defeating Stratholme.

While I didn’t find any other fabulous goodies inside I was rather proud of myself of completing the Baron run under time. Barely under time but I made it. I think now that I know I can do it without trying I could do it even faster. Wouldn’t Gee be upset if I got that stupid horse!? /cackle

After Stratholme I focused on more cooking achievements. One was Dinner Impossible. I was saving all the feasts for Naxx but I can always make more. I also got a Arathi Basin Victory achievement out of the deal.

I then popped out to Shattrath and found that the last daily cooking quest I needed for Kickin’ It Up a Notch was up today. I know I did skip this one quite a bit back in the 70 days. Catching those large birds was a pain to me.

For some strange reason the last four achievements I received gave me credit for completing them on January 5th instead of the 4th. I kind of expected some sort of time travel achievement or something.


First thing I did this morning was do my jewelcrafting and cooking dailies as usual but then I rushed out to the Basin to collect chickens for the Frenzyheart once again. I really think that instead of paying me every day to pick up their chickens to instead employ me to build them a chicken coop but who am I to judge.

Doing this one quest got me Honorary Frenzyheart which means I’ve now done with these guys and I can switch over to the oracles and they’re more fun chance of mini pets. I got to revered with them just so I could get all the jewelcrafting patterns. At least Blizzard made it easy to switch back and forth. That makes me happy.

Oddly enough the credit for this achievement was posted for January 4th. Something tells me not all the bugs are worked out of this system yet. Still I’m enjoying it immensely!


Bob said...

I'm glad that the gnomes like you now. I've been working on that one for a little bit and they still don't care too much for me. Guess I need to work harder (or buy more runecloth).

Anea said...

You're not alone in not raiding or doing much gear-wise when you don't have your game buddy. My bf (and pocket tank) has been away for a while on a job, and I've really not been motivated to do much else in game besides farm and do a few dailies here and there. Other than that... I might not even be in the game!

I ought to use my time like you and work on my Ambassador achievement. I have a lot more work to do than you did though - clearly you're more personable ;)