Friday, January 23, 2009

Lunar Festival Is Coming!

The Lunar Festival is scheduled to start tomorrow, January 24th and will run until February 12th. It is the celebration held in Moonglade each year to commemorate the city’s triumph over ancient evil. All citizens of Azeroth can participate in some form of the festivities although there are pieces that are restricted to the more seasoned individual.

This year’s Lunar New Year is on January 26th so make sure you stop into Stormwind, Thunderbluff, Booty Bay or Moonglade to watch the firework show and join in the celebration! There will also be a special fireworks show on February 12th in Moonglade that marks the Chinese Festival of Lanterns.

In starter cities, such as Stormwind and Ogrimmar, you will find heralds and emissaries that will give you a quest called “The Lunar Festival” that will direct you to the Lunar Festival Harbinger in the city who will give you a quest called “Lunar Fireworks”. You just purchase some fireworks from a near by vendor to complete the quest and obtain a Lunar Festival Invitation. This invitation allows you to step into the Greater Moonlight (the big beam of light near the harbinger) and be teleported directly to Moonglade.

Tip: This quest is so easy I usually use it to get my low level alts an extra flight path with little effort.

What is there to do during the Lunar Festival?

There is only one major quest associated with the Lunar Festival and that is “Elune’s Blessing” from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. This quest requires you to be level 40 at a minimum and is offered to both Horde and Alliance alike. The objective is to summon Omen in Moonglade and defeat him. It can be completed in a raid as well so gather all your friends at once and take care of many folks at one time!

The other activity to do is visit the elders scattered across Azeroth and obtain Coins of Ancestry. These mini quests are simple, just time consuming to travel all over the world to visit these ancestors. A complete list of all the Elders is available on WoWwiki’s Elders Page.

Tip: I recommend visiting the Elders for those going for the Ambassador title as each visit grants rep for your faction (Alliance or Horde) without having to buy more runecloth!

The Coins of Ancestry are used as currency for repeatable quests in Moonglade to buy fun roleplay items like Festive Lunar Dresses and Festive Lunar Pant Suits in a variety of colors. There are also Festival Dumplings and Elune’s Candles to be picked up with your coins.

Tailors will want to save up some of their coins to obtain the patterns for Festival Dress and Festival Suit.

Engineers can obtain the schematics to make their own Firework Launcher, Small Rockets, Large Rockets, Cluster Launcher, Large Cluster Rockets and Cluster Rockets.

Lunar Festival Achievements

New this year is the achievements for the Lunar Festival. There are 15 to complete, 11 required to obtain the new title “Elder” from To Honor One’s Elders. You will have completed all 15 trying to get the required 11 so all you completest out there do not fret!

The easiest to obtain are the 5 quests associated with the simply obtaining coins. The only one required for the title is 50 Coins of Ancestry but of course you will collect all the others trying to obtain 50!

There are other achievements you will most likely get in tandem with these coin achievements just because you will visit all these elders to collect the coins! Yes, Alliance will have to collect from the Elders of the Horde and vice versa but it’s not so bad.

There are two achievements that have a time requirement with the fireworks. It doesn’t seem like they will be too difficult to obtain.

There are two achievements for completing quests. One is simply buying yourself some festival clothing with your coins. The other is the raid quest to defeat Omen.

So remember to get out there and have some fun with these added events the world has planned for us! You should definately expect Elder Desdarii to be running around Azeroth very soon!


Anea said...

Thanks for this guide! I didn't really do anything about the festival last year, just really putzed around. I'll be sure to get off my tail and get these quests completed though. This festival holds more meaning to Anea than any of the others, plus she will get a new title!

Gee said...

I can has mage ports to help, pweese?

Elder Geearthur sounds incredible. Very easy to roll off the tongue