Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adventures in Raiding

Tonight my raiding team was just all over the map. We started in Naxxramas. We completely cleared the Spider Quarter. We then poked into the Construct Quarter and killed Patchwerk. We are purposely saving Grobbulus for a full night to defeat him.

While we were kicking tush and taking names in Naxxramas the Alliance obtained Wintergrasp. We packed up our weapons, wands and implements of destruction and headed to Wintergrasp to face off with Archavon. I ended up obtaining the Heroes' Frostfire Robe. It was a decline in my hit rating (and honestly my other robes are prettier looking) but they are very nice robes and I saved myself 80 badges!

Then just for the sense of adventure we headed out to give Satharion a quick visit. We didn't have enough time to actually give an actual try at Satharion but we did clear a side and get a separate badge from one of the side drakes. Hold then tried to solo Satharion and says he had it but he tripped. Ah well, next time Hold!

We are really getting back into the old groove and made the entire thing look easy. I'm having a great time!


Mae said...

We did the Vault at Wintergrasp last night too! I saw you there. It took our group of 18 (which should have been 25, but we have some attendance problems) 3 tries to get that sucker down. His enrage was enraging! The biggest problem last night was the lag!! Did y'all have trouble with it? We had a lot of random disconnects, high latency, took forever to do anything.

After that we hit Sartharion then did the plague wing in Naxx and called it a night. Loveth wants to do some progression but we couldn't last night because of the lag. Stupid Tuesdays!

Grats on the nice robes!

Desdarii said...

Oh yeah lots and lots of lag. I told Keste during Maexxna I had no idea if I was helping at all since I had been frozen for quite some time but I keep spamming my spells JUST IN CASE I'm doing something!