Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I Fail at Raiding

Hey Guys! Tell Noth "Hi" for me. I'll just be hanging out here.

Bleh I was so upset that I was too slow and ended up getting locked out of the Noth fight. The raid had no problem taking him down. I was just annoyed that I was too stupid to not make it in to be able to help.


Anonymous said...

Oh come now. You should've seen the sunwell run thhe other day. People were getting locked out left and right. Really though, you cant blame yourself. The lag boss of Naxx is really the reason for half our problems yesterday. And big dumb Gee not standing in the right spot during Heigan. Fail. You did awesome Des

Mae said...

Aw, don't feel too bad, it happens to the best of us. Half our raid has gotten locked out of fights sometimes. Last night, our raid fell apart because of the atrocious lag, but our off-tank got locked out of the Anub fight... twice. Of course, he was AFK the whole while, lol.

SeaRaptor said...

Des, don't beat yourself up over getting caught by a mechanic that none of us knew was there. You were still able to help out with the decursing, which is huge. No worries.


Desdarii said...

I wish I could of blamed that on the lag but it was my own stupid fault. I was eating my food buff and had like 5 seconds left when I saw Gee charge in. I was just cheesed off with myself for trying to wait that extra 5 seconds to get the food buff and end up missing out on the fight :(

Everyone did excellent though and I won't be locked out again that is for sure!

Keste said...

It happens to everyone; heck I got locked out of the server during Saph! Nothing like making your raid wait for you while you wait for your account to disconnect so you can log into that particular world server. :D Besides, it's hard to tell where and even if there's a door that will lock behind you anymore.

Keste said...

Sarth not Saph!

Alburet said...

We was all like were's are l33t uber mage. oh she chillin outside with the bottle of drink.

Hehe kidding it happens Des and we all had those moments. Besdies if we held it against each other for those moments then none of us would be talking eh.

Anea said...

Three of our raiders (myself included) were very nearly locked out of that exact fight as well. And I was late for the exact same thing as you - a food buff.

You look so dejected in that screenshot :(