Thursday, January 15, 2009

AV and the Lagmonster

Blackwater Raiders appears to be having serious issues of late. We aren’t having the huge queues that I see reported on other blogs but our server is still not doing well. The lag you experience everywhere is just horrible. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are in an instance, in a city, or out in the wilderness.

Yesterday, I was randomly booted from the server without any cause why. I actually was moving around freely in Dalaran and thought things were fairly normal. After being disconnected, I wasn’t able to log back in. Any other server I tried worked fine. BWR simply wasn’t working. I was worried I was going to miss the guild meeting but I was able to get back on just in time.

Last night was the guild’s super fun “Achievement Night” set up by the wonderful totem hugger, Earynn. I missed last weeks because of the break I imposed upon myself but I was determined to be there this week.

This week our goal was to have everyone get into the same Alterac Valley instance and try for some of the achievements that this battleground has to offer. Earynn had 12 people answer his call and we decided to at least take a shot at Alterac Blitz first. If we couldn’t handle that we could try retreating to our keep and shoot for Loyal Defender. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

The horrible lag was just as bad in the battleground. People were disconnecting left and right. Screens were freezing up for precious seconds only to catch up and find themselves in a graveyard. People were frustrated and we all decided that it was a wash. Poor Earynn was apologizing to us as if he could do anything about it!

I, on the other hand, had an absolutely fabulous time. If you know anything about me it is that I am simply horrible at PvP on my mage. Just dreadfully bad. While I was lagging like others I was able to stay on right until the end of the battleground. I stood in the back and just AoE and spammed bolts out at random targets.

I only died once and that was from our failed attempt at rushing the Horde keep. I got a bunch of killing blows and a ton of honor kills. I ran out of mana, twice! Firefizzle of course cranked out double the damage I can do as usual but I was very proud of my performance over all. I felt like a bad ass killing everything and dying only once.

I was getting a lot of heals which helped make me feel so dang tough. I think that’s due to having guild support rather than just randomites in the BG with me. I might try battlegrounds more often if it means I can stay alive for more than 20 seconds at a time.

I ended up leaving the battle ground with Grim Reaper and Damage Control achievements. So, thank you to Earynn. The lag was horrible but I still had a grand time in Alterac Valley!


Mae said...

I agree, the lag has just been crazy lately!! Yesterday, they closed the server down for an hour or so to fix some of the problems, apparently instances weren't working. Everyone's been really unhappy about it lately. We've had a little bit of queue logging on lately, but not so much that it becomes a huge inconvenience. I think the longest queue I've experienced was like 50 in line to log on.

Overall, I was really surprised that BWR hasn't been opened for free off realm transfers to the new RP realm. I think that would solve some of the queue issues, at the very least.

SeaRaptor said...

Glad you enjoyed AV night, even if we didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Maybe next time! =D