Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Ugliest Human on Azeroth

Keste and I had a good time doing a couple heroics today and one of them was Old Stratholme.

My least favorite instances are any of the ones in Caverns of Time as I'm always turned into some tail-less pink human freak. I know I have to put on the disguise so I don't mess with time and all that but I like my horns and tail so much better.

I thought I had it pretty bad until I saw the human disguise Keste was given to wear. His hair is really what needs to be pointed out here. It's a bald guy mullet! Positively dreadful! I was laughing so hard at him I needed a pause before I was ok to start fighting. Lucky for him he spent most of his time in panther form and we didn't have to stare at him. I don't know but I would speak to someone about getting a new costume, Keste.

The exciting thing was today we were able to get the Culling of Time achievement for the first time. I passed on the bronze drake as others in there want it way more than me but congratulations to Earynn on his shiny new mount!


Bob said...

Your friend got turned into a redneck! lol

Mae said...

ROFLMAO!!! I don't particularly like the Caverns of Time dungeons either. I'm very much against the Culling of Stath, I always feel like I'm taking part in the destruction of a LOT of innocent humans and working for Arthas when even Jaina won't. I don't like it, it makes me sad, I'm a sap.

Though I have to agree, I don't particularly like the fact that I always become a crazy lookin' human, either. I always end up with a bad tan and blonde hair!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least I get away with a beard and mustache and a full head of hair. Kind of like I enjoy some roguish good looks even without the tentacles and horns ;-) -Gee

SeaRaptor said...

The wife and I were talking about this yesterday, thinking we needed to take this picture (I got a screen cap too) and turn it into some kind of fake pr0n movie poster. ;)


Keste said...

Well if you can't be famous, you might as well be infamous!