Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Planned Break

Keste and I were talking about things last night and we’re just feeling a bit burned out on WoW for the moment. We’ve had a lot of excitement in the last couple weeks with the ultrasound and preparing babies room to Keste’s schedule change. I think we need to take some time off and just stay offline for a bit.

Tonight we are signed up for a Naxx raid and we will attend that but after tonight we’re going to take a break for at the very least the rest of the week. It’ll be difficult for me to not do my jewelcrafting dailies but my goal is to not login at all. I’m going to try and be strong and just relax. Get some stuff done around the house. Finish my jigsaw puzzle. Play with my dogs. Work some more on preparing for baby.

A relaxing break to recharge our batteries a little. We’d like to start having more fun and enjoy the game again. Right now it’s just aggravating and annoying us. That’s not the purpose of a hobby so time for a break.


Anea said...

Enjoy your break! I hope it's as restful and refreshing as you hope/need it to be.

I'm in the midst of a pseudo-break myself. When it's not fun to play anymore, it's time for a break. :)

Mae said...

Have a good break! I've been there and needed the breaks too, they're really nice for just taking some time to breathe. :)

Dumadin said...

Breaks are good, better then /quit. Enjoy you two and see ya next week.

SeaRaptor said...

It's always good to take a step back from time to time. Enjoy! We'll miss you two at the party tonight. =)