Monday, January 26, 2009

Plague Quarter Cleared!

Some exciting news today! Last night my little team of all around fun and lovable people cleared the Plague Quarter of Naxxramas!

Confession time! I didn't help for poop on Heigan. The floors of evil poison goop just keep doing me in. I really can't figure out what the heck is wrong with me. I look like I'm doing the same thing as everyone else and then all of a sudden pppppbbbfffftttt dead Desdarii while everyone else keeps running along. Keste says my dead body's placement was an excellent marker for where to run to so at least I can feel like I helped out that way!

By the end of Heigan we had only four people left alive but they killed him! I cheered for joy at not having to look like an idiot splat on the floor any more. I am determined to not let this nonsense encounter defeat me. I will figure out how to live through such a stupid room.

Loatheb didn't give us much difficulty. There were a few times I was certain I was going to die but Stesha would always pull off a big heal right before I dropped. Yay for Stesha!


Bob said...

ouch, that's painful to have your contribution be lowered down to being a marker. I guess you still contributed at least.

Gee said...

Des, you did fine. We'll get the dance down in no time. I'm sure we'll see the achievement sometime soon!

Voodoo gnomes ftw though. Queen of the boxes, indeed!

(I do have a picture of that one ;) )

Anea said...

You know... I feel the same way you do. All you have to do is run. When everyone else runs, nonetheless! But I can't manage to do it right. It ought to be simple!