Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Challenge You Say?

Lately Keste has been talking a lot about his death knight, Candypain. Ugh, that name still makes me cringe. Anyway he’s planning on bring her up as another tank. Why he needs another tank when he’s a feral druid and our full time off tank in raids? I dunno. But he apparently thinks he does.

He babbled on about Candypain so much that a few guildmates were discussing the opportunities we’d have with a death knight in the raid. I responded with, “Don’t get too excited, his death knight is only 70.”

I think it was a fair statement. Knowing my husbands short attention span for questing, I thought I was simply stating a fact. Sure Candypain may eventually be 80 and ready to raid but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Keste has taken it as a challenge. He says I am “calling him out” and claiming that he cannot level his death knight to 80. His bear fur was all in a tangle and started making plans to level Candypain.

Woah woah woah! I thought the plan was to level Candypain with Goldy and we’d get alts up together? Apparently this plan is now out the window. Not only is Goldy on her own for leveling; last night he suggested we make it a race against these two characters. His death knight versus my priest.

Me (dripping with sarcasm): “So my healer class versus your totally OP death knight. That sounds fair…”

Keste: “Goldy is specced Disc! She is a power house!”

That is his defense ladies and gentlemen. Somehow discipline priests are comparable to a death knight and their damage. I am not convinced. I've decided to make a pro and con list to figure out if I should accept his challenge.


  • I am a questing machine. I am the anal retentive quester that will organize my quests by area before starting to optimize experience gain per hour. I did this before things like QuestHelper and Carbonite were around.
  • Goldy is currently level 71 (one level ahead of Candypain) and with full rested experience since I’ve just been using her as a banker for the past couple months.
  • Goldy is a healer and more likely to find groups for things like dungeon runs than a dime a dozen death knight.
  • Keste will focus hard for maybe a week and pull way ahead of Goldy before moving back to Keste. Yes, his attention span and dislike of leveling is to my advantage.


  • Keste’s current schedule has him off 3 days a week. I only get 2 days off. That’s a whole day of leveling that I do not have access to.
  • Keste says he doesn’t but he sneaks on and plays while at work. (Don’t try to deny it Keste because I see you online.) I have no way to play during work hours giving him even more potential game time not available to me.
  • If the rumors are true, death knights can kill 8,000,000 things at once giving a bit of a experience advantage to Goldy’s single target abilities.
  • Keste will cheat. I don’t know how but he will cheat.

Weighing the two I’d say he’s pretty stinking likely to beat me to 80. If nothing else, his significant amount of game time is enough to help him get and stay ahead of Goldy no matter how superior a leveler I am.

I tell you one thing, if I do take this challenge the prizes for winning better be freaking sweet. I’ll also have to lay down some ground rules as well so he doesn’t just beg Geearthur to power level him. Not that Gee would be crazy enough to risk pregger aggro like that, would he?

What do you think? Should I take him up on his challenge?


krizzlybear said...

just do it for the fun of it. If he beats you, see if he rubs it in. If he does, you can simply say that you won't heal him with your priest/druid anymore =)

Anonymous said...

I would accept the challenge. From the descriptions of you two and your situations, you're much like my bf and I, but the bf is like you (limited playtime, but dedicated) and he is like me (lots of playtime, but a little flighty). I have all the time in the world to do things in the game, but the bf's character is certainly the more accomplished of the two of us. When he sets his mind to something, he will see it through, everything else be damned. So, if you're anything like him, you'll beat Keste soundly.

Go Team Goldy!

DJ said...

Up to you Des I think Keste will pull ahead at the start maybe up to 74 to your 71 but I believe by 78 you catch him and pull ahead. I will not aid him in the least leveling a character named CandyPain on an RP Server. Now I'm not sayin I will help Goldy either but at least that name is acceptable to me. So if you do go for the gold oh and since he is challanging you you get to pick the rewards for you each winning as long as they roughly balance out.


Desdarii said...

Well he played his DK all afternoon and is now 71 like Goldy. I don't think he cares about the challenge but he definately isn't going to wait to help Goldy either. Ah well.

And Duma don't worry about his name. He did it soley to annoy me and wishes to change it. He wasn't even going to join the guild until it was changed but joined anyway because he was lonely.

Gee said...

Gee isn't crazy. I hide from the preggo aggro.

However, Ms. Candypain and I are supposed to be a team sooner or later...the more practice I get with duo-tanking with her...I suppose its for the better. Than again, having recently made a secret new character, I may have caught the pew-pew bug, and will have said secret character hit level 20, and than stop.

I'll probably end up running through the same dungeons for both of you though. Who knows?

Keste said...

I would never cheat!



Plus what would you want to be an award? Eggrolls? :D

Desdarii said...

Hehehe that's the problem. What would the prize be? I'm already a super spoiled pregnant lady that gets everything she wants. :D

I'm totally ok with that by the way.

Mae said...

I think you should take the challenge!! Priest power! I also think you should go Shadow. Shadow is crazy sick for leveling!! I leveled Majesty from 70 - 80 in less than a week as Shadow. I've got school and still had school work and finals, but it sounds like I had a wee bit more time than you might have. Still, nothing beats the shadow priests ability to just keep killing forever!! Between Vampiric Embrace, which returns health, replenishment to keep mana up, and Spirit Tap, you would be leveling like crazy because there's zero downtime! I carried one stack of water through the whole of Northrend while leveling Majesty, I only used half of it.

Go shadow!! Oh, and if were me, the reward would have to be CHOCOLATE(and Loveth's eternal servitude, lol)!! ;)