Friday, January 9, 2009

A Sad Day

I'm very sad to announce today the loss of a guildmate, a friend and an all around lovely person. I believe I had mentioned our friend Dumadin many times in my posts. Dumadin's love and soul mate passed away quietly last night. She did have health problems which doesn't make things easier but still it came upon unexpectedly which not only brings grief but shock.

My love and condolences go out to Dumadin and his family. Topaz was a wonderful friend and truly caring individual to many of us me included. She will be sorely missed.


Mae said...

My condolences, Desdarii. Loss is never easy, my thoughts are with you and your guildmates.

krizzlybear said...


Any and all sentiments shared in this comment section are seconded by me. Except for the negative ones. Hope things pull through!

Dumadin said...

Yes shock that is the word. I type to distract my self.