Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Naxxramas Success

I'm very glad I was able to attend the Naxxramas raid this evening. It went really well and we were successful in clearing the Arachnid Quarter. Maexxna did give us some difficulties but our biggest battle seemed to be against the lag spikes that were plaguing everyone. It's never good when the person assigned to raid heals disappears. I'm certain we would have killed Maexxna much sooner without these tiny hang ups that kept occuring. Poor Keste had to go to work and missed our successful kill of Maexxna but it's ok. We'll only get faster at it and do better next try.

Once again Grand Widow Faerlina was kind to me and I picked up the Grieving Spellblade for my very own. It's a pretty neat weapon.

Oh and I have a small confession as well. It wasn't until about the third wipe on Maexxna that I realized I still had my piccolo equipped. Whoops. I don't think it made any difference anyway and no one noticed.


Alburet said...

Ahha! The secret is out it was all Des's fault! Hehehe kidding enjoy the week off.

Desdarii said...

I felt pretty damn silly when I noticed it and did tell Gee who laughed at me. :D

Aurendar Moonstrider said...

Hi Desdarii!
Caught your post from Mae's blog! Grats on Naxx! Now, about that little confession. Don't worry about it! If I could count the number of times I've gone into a battle with Aspect of the Pack on (a big no no) I'd be a RICH hunter! It's all about having a good time and a lot of laughs. Having a piccolo equipped definitely qualifies for some good times!

Oh, give Gwydion and Jurojin a big hug from Aurendar. I recently had the chance to meet Jurojin and he is quite an honorable fellow. Turus Thalannar is a wonderful guild here on BWR!

Aurendar Moonstrider