Monday, January 19, 2009

Sartharion & Grobbulus Slain

Feeling really good after my raid group successfully killed Sartharion and Grobbulus last night. The victory was frustrating due to continuing connectivity problems. Keste at one point was disconnected and had to wait in a queue to log back in. Poor Alburet was disconnected four times during one of our Grobbulus attempts and I disconnected once during Grobbulus. We got them both though which was very satisfying.
Now we are moving on to Gluth and we need a bit more practise on him. As Alburet put it, "This fight is stupid." I had to admit it made me laugh. We'll get it. Hopefully some of these latency issues can be resolved. It certainly isn't helping matters any.


Mae said...

Congrats on the kills!!

We're still having connectivity issues with heaps of realm lag, so I totally sympathize with that. Add my system lag and I spend the whole raids lately lagging to the point of inability to do anything.

Gluth is a crazy fight. It's also quite hard imo. If he eats any of the ghouly critters, it's a wipe. We're almost never able to recover from that considering he goes back to like nearly full health. He's not easy but I'm sure your team can get him down! :D!!

Keste said...

It's obvious you're missing the new raiding strategy Mae. It's to wait until all the other raiders say "F' this, we're leaving" and lag decreases. Then you can kill whatever you want!

Gee said...

Agreed. The toughest boss in Naxx is the dreaded "lag" monster. I haven't been in general on BWR for over a year now, but from everything I hear in the team from people who are, its generally a whole outcry for Blizzard to fix it. This "Naxx optimization" thing they put in the last patch is a whole lot of fail if you ask me.