Friday, May 23, 2008

Recent Wrath of the Lich King Leaks

I have to break character here quickly to post my disappointment at one of my favorite WoW sources, WoW Insider. You may want to read the post that sparked this entry to catch up with the details.

When Wrath of the Lich King information started leaking from the alpha, WI posted the information they had. Which I think is quite natural given the nature of their existence. When Blizzard requested they remove the information, they did. Good on them for being responsible journalists.

Then a wiki appeared with the alpha information which WI then started linking to instead of hosting the information directly. Now most of their posts are a tad out of control. Just jabbing Blizzard with their no posting but linking is OK policy. I honestly don't see how it's any different. The information Blizzard asked not to spread is still found, even if it isn't located on your servers. Also a good "shame on you" is in order to those in the alpha that are publicly releasing this information.

I for one will not be looking at any of the leaked information. It's a closed alpha for a reason. The content is in progress. Showing things off now just opens a flood gate of people calling things nerfed or overpowered. I certainly wouldn't want the public looking at my unfinished work and I am extending courtesy to Blizzard. They will give us the information we desire when they feel it is ready.

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