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Example Fishing Tourney Event Plan

EoC Fishing Tournament

Date: May 28, 2005
Time: 2:00pm EST
Starting Location: Theramore Harbor
Contact: Goldy

Summary of Event
Everyone will meet up on the docks in Theramore where Goldy will announce the type of fish you are trying to hook. This fish is to be kept a secret to prevent people from trying to collect the fish before the start. The one that catches the most in 1 hour wins!


  1. No teams. This is a solo event.
  2. You may use bait and/or lures on your fishing pole to catch the fish.
  3. You may use any pole of your choice.
  4. Dressing up for the event (wearing clothes appropriate for fishing) will give you a 5 fish count bonus!
  5. Time out will be called if Horde attacks. No one is to fish during a called time out!

How this Event Works
People of all fishing skills are welcome to attend, however, it is recommended that you have some fishing skill before the start of the tourney. Those with high fishing skill are not penalized and those with low skill are not given a bonus. Allowing bait and lures is to benefit those with low skill; it really won’t do much for those with higher skill, as the mystery fish will not be a very difficult catch.

After Goldy has explained the rules she will give any necessary instructions and then reveal the mystery fish to be caught. People will be allowed to fish for 1 hour to try to catch that specific fish. You can do whatever you wish with the other miscellaneous fish you catch, but if someone can use it (cook/alchemist) please pass to him or her for use.

If Horde attacks during the tourney, time out will be called to destroy them and then to return to our happy day of fishing. No one is to be fishing if time out is called. If we are constantly harassed by Horde the event may be ended early to switch to PvP mode. It is a very slim chance that this will happen but you never know.

After time is up Goldy will ask everyone to stop fishing and walk away from the water to give tell her his or her final fish count not including any dress up bonus. Goldy will add in dress up bonuses and ask to see the fish in a trade window to verify the number before declaring the winner.


  • Blue overalls are good fishing clothes that can be made by tailors.
  • Engineers can make some really nice lures with just a bit of easy to collect materials.
  • Enchanters can put +fishing stats on gloves.
  • There are a couple nice fishing poles available that give +fishing stats.

Winner will receive:

  • 5 gold
  • 2 stacks of potions of winner’s choice. (Will be mailed to the winner)
  • An exclusive forum rank naming them “Fishing Tourney Champ”

How to Sign Up
To express your interest and intent to participate in this event, please post here. Event will be cancelled if less than 3 are present at event start.

There is no entrance fee for participating in this event. Those interested in donating to the prize fund please contact Goldy.

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