Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Base Jumping in Feralas

Keste was not feeling well today. I decided to devote the day to fishing. I had advanced in my skill far enough to pay a visit to Nat Pagle in Duskwallow Marsh. He presented me with a fine fishing challenge that I thought would be perfect for my free day. I had to find specific special fish in different areas in the world. I started immediately.

In my travels for this ultimate fishing quest, I was requested to travel back into Feralas. While clomping down the road on my elekk I came across a night elf who introduced herself as Marli Wishrunner. She offered to race me to the top to see a wonderful view of the surrounding area. I had to take her up on her offer and zooom we ran up to the top of the cliff.

The view was simply breathtaking. As I've mentioned before, Feralas is a beautiful area. Problem now was, how the heck was I going to get down. It was quite a long fall! Marli offered to sell me a parachute to help me down which I of course agreed to pay. It was only 20 silver. Didn't seem to large a price to pay for all the beauty I had just taken in.

What was even more fun was the trip down. Exhilarating is the only way to describe it. You feel terrified at the speed you are racing towards the ground and then you activate the chute and gently float down the rest of the way. A most worth while trip indeed.

Later that evening, after turning in my prize winning fish to Nat, I was able to travel to Auberdine and spend some time fishing with some of my guildmates. A wonderful relaxing day fishing.

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