Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Quest for Manservants

Today Keste and I returned to the far north of the Eastern Kingdoms to the area known as the Plaguelands. The entire place is just crawling with undead and diseased creatures. I can't say that I was entirely comfortable.

We were hired to destroy the man known as Alexi Barov with the reward being our own set of peasants to answer to our beck and call. This was quite appealing to us! Someone to cook, clean and perhaps even fight for us. We took the commission and sought out the man called Barov.

We did not know that he had a personal bodyguard in the form of a very large cow like creature Keste called Tauren. Two times we attempted our slaughter of Barov and this beast-man came to his rescue. The cow did underestimate our stubbornness and desire for servants and we eventually were able to collect Barov's head to receive our reward.

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