Monday, May 26, 2008


One of the neatest things I've felt apart of is the healing of Colonel Jules in Honor Hold. The poor man has been corrupted and Anchorite Barada has asked for Keste and my assistance in an exorcism.

Now, I personally have a problem with undead and demon type things. Anything creepy and inherently evil and I will typically do all I can to avoid it. When I saw how the Colonel was suffering, I put my personal fears aside. I had to help him.

The procedure itself was very creepy! Jules' tormentor was not about to give up without a fight. Jules floated around the room with evil fiends coming from him intent on stopping Barada with his spell. Keste and I fought them off to allow Barada to concentrate. It was all quite terrifying!

In the end though, the exorcism was a success and we were able to leave Colonel Jules to his bed for some much needed rest.

P.S. Do not look at my pants (or seemingly lack there of). I am terribly embarrassed to be sporting such trousers but the magic power in them really is of great assistance to me. Hopefully I can find a replacement and modestly cover up my bottom half soon!

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