Tuesday, May 13, 2008

History in Brief

Desdarii was born from two survivors from the Azuremyst Isles crash. Her parents were devoted healers and had made the decision to stay on the island to assist with the healing of their people. She was brought up learning the way of the Priest; loving and respecting the Holy Light of Creation, the importance of community, and the desire to help others. However, she was not destined to become a Priest as her healing talents never blossomed even under the tutelage of her dedicated parents.

It wasn't too long after coming to terms with her lack of healing abilities that Desdarii was influenced by her parents to seek training as a mage as they had always seen her as having an aptitude for magic. After testing her abilities and harmony with the magical elements of the world, the mages gladly welcomed her into their fold and after several years of training Desdarii finally felt that she had a place in the world she lived.

Eventually Desdarii had learned all that she could by staying upon the island, and she was encouraged to seek training with the Mages of the Alliance. Reluctant at first to leave her family and friends, Desdarii realized that the mages were correct and that she would need to travel the world she had been studying for so long to truly understand it.

It wasn't long after setting out that Desdarii ran across the young Druid, Keste, in the city of Auberdine. He was quiet and rarely showed his Night Elf form, but after many adventures together Desdarii found herself developing emotions for this man who brought to her an understanding of nature she had previously not known. Eventually Desdarii found herself in love. She found peacefulness in the love he returned to her. They married in Darnassus and have since set off to see the world and what it offers together.

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