Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exploring Feralas

Feralas is such a great area! Lots of plant life and giant hills. Keste truely loves it here. That's a picture of his large bear bottom. But Keste really is in his element here in the outdoors and nature.

Today we were hired by a odd little goblin to go out and collect elements for his strange zapper gun. We didn't really ask much in the way of questions and collected the items. He then gave us the zapper guns and instructed us to go after the giants found menacing the shoreline. Giants?! I was about to politel decline when he told us his zapper gun would shrink them and make them much more managable a foe.

Well we did it, and with very little difficulty. We also did a great deed up in the northern area helping a poor lost night elf find her friend. She was a little flighty and actually gave us a bell to call her back with. Odd little thing but very sweet.

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