Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lost in Azshara

What and adventure this trip was. I was asked to travel to the far reaching land of Azshara. I had trouble discovering the place alone and Keste had to assist me. We had to run and fight through naga infested ruines to make some rubbings of some inscriptions there. Then we were asked to travel to a heliopad to deliver the drawings to a pilot who would take them to Ironforge.

I tell you everything seemed like cotton candy and cake compaired to finding the mystical heliopad in Azshara. It seriously couldn't be further away from everything if it tried.

Ok, so I sound a little cranky. But it was difficult. We were chased by giants, dragonkin and hyppogryph like creatures. Keste fell from a terrible height and was wounded. Seeing the plane though was pretty neat. Those dwarves are so crafty!

Anyway, I think we are done here in Azshara for a while. I'm sure there are others that could use our assistance but we're ready to move on.

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