Monday, March 16, 2009

WoW Lull

I’ve grown quite bored and bleh about WoW the last couple weeks. This could be for a couple different reasons.

Seriously Pregnant

I’m 8 months pregnant and realized I have less than 8 weeks to finish all the crap I need to do to prepare for baby! We’ve got birthing classes, registries for the shower, preparing for leaving work, scrubbing the house for the in-law’s visit, selecting a name, etc etc. I need to work on this stuff and let’s not forget that I’m new. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing!


I seriously have no patience for any of it which may be mostly contributed to being increasingly uncomfortable the closer I get to 40 weeks. Seeing any sort of unnecessary nonsense fill my screen makes me want to log out and not return.

It doesn’t matter the degree of drama. I’m irritated by all of it. Someone upset about some serious life altering guild issue is met with the same snarkiness of some whiner complaining that no one said “Hi” to them when they logged in. Not to mention the reoccurring arguments that seem to cycle through the guild every month or so. A month or so ago I may have given my all to trying to help resolve them. Now they’re just tired dried up discussions I’ve had many times and am personally done with.

It’s not limited to the guild either. I tried taking my priest, Goldy, on a PuG run and was booted from the group because of my complaints of the other members. No, I will not take back calling that dwarf a huntard when he was so apparently bad at his class. Nor do I apologize for telling the paladin that just joined our already in progress run that he should join a group ready to go and that I won’t wait for him to eat his dinner first.

Do not come to me with your problems right now unless you want to deal with a buttload of pregger aggro. You’d think about to be a mom I’d be all comforting and helpful. Not this little Draenei. You have been warned.

Feeling like I don’t have much to do when I login

Desdarii first does her jewelcrafting daily. She then checks and refills the vaults with cut gems for guildees. It’s a thankless task but one I’m happy to do so long as people find it useful. Des has been working on getting heroic dungeon achievements when folks are on to help. Des helps clear Naxx each week with her raiding group.

Goldy logs in to disenchant things and work on her tailoring from materials friends have sent her. Apart from that singular PuG attempt this is the extent of her game time.

Aratria farms some herbs and prepares potions for Desdarii’s raiding. She spends the rest of her time standing around in cat form in Dalaraan and /lick-ing random people because I’m strange like that.

Other than that, meh. It sort of feels like rinse, repeat after that honestly.

I don’t think I’m ready to quit the game but maybe I’m just too wrapped up in the real life to do list that I’m not giving WoW a fair piece of my attention. So I apologize that I haven’t been very prolific writing here lately but I haven’t been feeling it. And if I’ve been particularly unsympathetic or even mean to you I apologize*. Blame the hormones.

* Huntards and rude Pally’s do not qualify for said apology.


Anonymous said...

Preggers Impatience (or lack of patience with drama in any of it's forms), effects men as well as women.

I have been suffering from this for 3 years...

Particularly with people with no understanding.

Why haven't you leveled to 80.. more important things to do...

Want to come on an instance run... can my bot come too, he will be riding the keyboard when he gets bored with my knee?


when it's late at night (2-3am) and people are suggesting one more wipe (with nothing changing to prevent it), I get real cranky...

"So you will sleep most of Saturday away after finishing up at 4am... I will be running in circles in 2-3 hours to the tune of "Daddy, Daddy"!"

Mae said...

Well, I think it's totally understandable, myself. I've been feeling somewhat burned out lately, which is why even though I've come back to wow blogging, I've been somewhat less than entertaining.

I think, for me, it's gotten to the point that I don't have fun with the game itself anymore. I only log on to raid now, which is somewhat like another job, and there's a lot of drama in my guild right now. Bleh to all of it!

I'm about to drop to member status in my guild (rather than raider) and just start trying to enjoy the game again.

Good luck with all you have to do to prepare for baby. My best to you and to Keste on the coming addition to your family!!

Gee said...

I'm feeling it too Des. Just been kinda meh lately. Not that I dont love it when we get out to raid or do our usual crazy stuff, its just the strings attached that bug me.

However, if I ever see Aratria /licking people in Dalaran...well. That'd probably make me fall out of my chair laughing.

Alburet said...

I totally get the not feeling like there's anything to do. I've been doing the dailies which I hate just for something to do. Outside of running instances or raids with our team I'm very ambivalient at the moment. As for the other items you mentioned Des, you do what ever you want. I will never go against what a woman says more so a Pregger enraged one. ::hides::

Stesha said...

*HUG* Des do what you need to. Be safe as always! And I do understand where you are coming from completely.