Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Think the Oracles Love Me!

I sort of don’t care that the puppy people and the googlyblob monsters are fighting each other in Sholazar Basin. I just don’t feel personally involved with their battle. My personal quest to build my reputation with each came from a purely selfish motive.

What I was interested in was the fact that both the Frenzyheart and the Oracles had jewelcrafting patterns that I didn’t know. They only shared these jewelcrafting secrets with those they really really liked.

When I started building my reputation in Sholazar Basin, I first picked the Frenzyheart to work with and gain their trust. This wasn’t by accident.

My reasoning was thus:

Frenzyheart only had a jewelcrafting pattern that I wanted. I didn’t care about the Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury trinket they had or the Frenzyheart Brew you could get from the Ripe Disgusting Jar.

The Oracles on the other hand had a jewelcrafting pattern as well as their cracked eggs that could get me new little pets. I love pets! Yeah, yeah there’s some green proto-drake thing too but who cares about that? I already have a proto-drake that I rarely use.

Seeing how from a rational point of view the jewelcrafting patterns were more useful than the hatched pets I decided the best course of action was to first work with the Frenzyheart. Get what I needed quickly and then switch so I could spend more time focusing on getting the pets I wanted from the Oracles.

The plan was to just get the Frenzyheart to like me well enough to earn the pattern and move on. Keste was quick to point out that doing just a bit more with them granted some recognition. I stuck it out to get the Frenzyheart Tribe & Honorary Frenzyheart achievements. It worked out well as it was this extra bit of time that got me the Frenzyheart Brew.

Pleased with my new pattern and the achievements, I quickly switched camps to working on getting the Oracles to like me. At revered status I was able to purchase my pattern and start nursing eggs that could produce the coveted pets. I have earned Savior of the Oracles achievement but I still have some work to do before I earn the The Oracles achievement. Not much longer though and I’ll be recognized as a Mercenary of Sholazar.

Back to the important part though, the pets! I’ve been revered for about two weeks. Last week my first egg hatched while I was in Naxxramas and to my absolutely delight I found a White Tickbird Hatchling inside. What fabulous luck to get a pet out of my very first egg! A very neat pet as well since the tickbird is able to fly behind me while I’m cruising around on my griffin. He’s turned into a great ore hunting companion.

Last night my second egg was ready to hatch and out slithered a Cobra Hatchling. Unbelievable! I am never this fortunate. Either the Oracles really enjoy my company or I am really good at caring for eggs. I’m not sure which.

I picked up a third egg last night. It is impossible to imagine that perhaps one of the last pets, the Tickbird Hatchling or Proto-Drake Whelp, may be inside. Can the Oracles favor me so much? We will see in approximately 6 more days.

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Dumadin ShieldBreaker said...

Oh ye be a lucky one lass, me first egg netted me aged yolk. Me second netted me the white tick bird. Oh well and once me has all the pets me be goin te the frenzy heart, proto or nay because me wants all the different drinks me can get rom them. What? Me be a dwarf afterall ye ken.