Thursday, March 19, 2009

Business Draenei

I've been Desdarii the loner for a couple days now and last night it hit me. I don't have to save all these gems for guildees anymore... I could *gasp* sell them and become rich! Oh! And I could use my jewelcrafting tokens to buy dragons eyes to sell on the Auction House and make more money instead of collecting them to make guildees stuff. I could create titansteel and just sell it to strangers! I could try making some epics and sell them for hefty Auction House prices instead of handing them over for free.

I wonder how much it costs to rent a little space in Dalaran or perhaps purchase myself a street cart? I could easily tour the major cities in a day with my handy dandy portals.

I have a real opportunity to become fabulously wealthy and buy myself more junk for my bank that I really don't have room for! Now to figure out what I can buy once I make my millions. There's gotta be something I need.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have business sense! I think a large part of my gold problem is I don't know how to sell my wares, so I have tons of herbs to be made into potions and sold... but aren't.

It would be a REALLY nifty feature of the game if you really could rent out a space and sell wares. It makes sense, really. All those with crafting professions shouldn't have to sell their wares on the street, like some guy wearing a trench coat, glancing around before opening it to show what black market stuff they have...

Mae said...

Good luck on your business ventures. It's brutal out there. ;)