Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Desdarii the Unguilded

I've taken the step to forge forth without a house or membership to belong to. It was a difficult call but one I believe was necessary given how unhappy I was. I will probably be much more casual a player now and the silence in my chat window is startling.

I haven't cancelled the game yet but that may be upcoming. I wasn't planning on keeping the account active past May anyway once the little one arrived so I'm just preparing early which will give me a chance to get some more things settled for our baby's arrival.

It was fun while it lasted but I really just didn't feel like I was a good fit for the guild anymore. They'll go on and I'll find some new path to wander down.

/farewell Thalanaar


Gee said...

Geearthur is also unguilded, and I'm in the same boat as you guys. Sad to see it happen, but after 3+ years of him, it was time to put down the shield and retire.

Thanks for all the memories Des. We had some good times!

Alburet-the little warlock that could said...

Oh man. Geeman and now the Preggers. I knew ya was going unguilded Des and the baby was coming and all I guess I just didn't want to think you would be stopping along with Keste mayhap as well. It will be very quiet with out or two possible three. I hope you all come back at some point or at least stay in touch with us. But beyond all that,

THANK YOU! You are great friends and very very nice to me and topaz when she was here. I will miss you, but thank you for the laughs, the fun, and just being there.