Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our First Malygos Attempt

Last Sunday we were running late and weren't able to complete our clear of Naxxramus like we usually do. We decided to gather on Monday even though it is not a typical raid day for us just to kill Kel'thuzad. Poor Alburet wasn't able to attend due to prior commitments but was a good sport and wished us all luck.

Monday night we did kill Kel'thuzad without any difficulty and so we had ten folks standing around going, "Now what?" We had already done Sartharion and Archavon that week. Our fearless leader said "Umm... To Malygos!" So after everyone discussing where the heck Malygos actually was located and much travel we arrived and gave just a single go at the big scary dragon.

We didn't expect to get far. No one was prepared. It was a spur of the moment thing. As it turned out, we were correct since we didn't even make it through the first phase.

Later little Alburet expressed distress at missing our attempt at Malygos. I understand Al's point. He wants to be there and experience it all with us. I totally get it and am not trying to discredit his feelings. Honestly though, all the shadowy little gnome missed was a very confused group of people running about and then dying quickly.

I thought Keste's (aka Gabi) quick summary version of the night's events was very accurate so I wanted to copy it here.
  • Gabi summons Malygos
  • Gee goes "OH CRAP!" because he realizes Malygos now wants to eat Gabi
  • Gee pulls aggro
  • Gee keeps moving around
  • DPS keeps moving around
  • Everyone goes "WHERE ARE THE FRIGGIN SPARKS??"
  • Everyone goes "WTF, WHY ARE WE IN THE AIR??"
  • We die
  • Everyone goes "We need to go read up on this fight again."
  • Half of us go "Why can't we res?"
  • The other half goes, "Because you're trying to get into the portal to Occulus."
That really explains our first Malygos attempt and reading it makes me giggle. Don't worry Alburet, next time we go in there it will be planned in advance and people will actually have some details on how to stay alive. I'll personally make sure that you are around when we go as well!


Alburet said...

Hahahaha had me laughin Des that sounds just like us. It's all good, at least I know I need the Arcane res enchant on cloak.

Gee said...

That is exactly what it went like. Keste captured it in such great detail. I think I literally said "Oh crap he's here!" on Vent right as we started.

Talk about getting Roflstomped.

Stesha said...

One comment... "OWIE!"