Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Guild

I have found myself a new place to belong. Some great friends have gathered together to start our own small friendly guild. The guild is very small and casual but I think it will fit me very well for now. We decided to stick with the name we were used to calling our little group, Bananas. It may seem silly bit it really is very fitting.

We're not even certain if we will get much raiding in but we will certainly try when we can. I really don't mind as I am finding myself pretty busy anyway. The new more casual atmosphere is definately a weight off my mind.

The best part of the new guild? The guild tabbard is so adorable it makes me giggle each and every time I look at it. We picked a monkey because... duh, monkeys love bananas! It's just the silliest tabbard I've ever seen and I love it!


Mae said...

Awesome, Des!! Good luck to you, small, friendly guilds are great fun, especially if you can be guilded with people you like!

Alburet said...

Hip Hip Horray for the Banana's!