Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Less Is More

I've been a bit under the weather lately (don't worry I'm really starting to feel better) so my time adventuring has been slightly less than normal. Added to that we're in a sort of lull as some very important raid members headed for warmer climates and sandy beaches. Not that I blame them, I just miss them.

Yesterday was a scheduled raid night and without those two we really decided to sort of putz around with the seven we did have. I joined my first fight in Wintergrasp and thanks to Earynn's excellent guidance I would say I did fairly well. I totally dig being on those giant what-cha-ma-jigs and casting frost-firey doom on all the little Hordies. We even won the match which was exciting.

Afterwards we gathered up our brave seven and decided to kill Archavon. I personally stepped out to allow Aratria more practice with healing raids. She did well and Archavon was destroyed.

Then our crazy and fearless leader Geearthur called for us to assemble and attempt Sartharion. There's special recognition for defeating him with less than nine and we were certain our seven could do it. Aratria returned to her alchemy lab to allow me to offer my damaging spells for our attempt. It did take us two tries but the second attempt couldn't of gone smoother than if we were a full raiding team. It was announced that I was an achiever of "Less is More". Something I'm quite proud of.

The rest of the week should be relaxing as we wait for our vacationers return but I don't mind. A break from raiding now and then recharges the excitement!

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Alburet said...

Less was more, and yet more is less at times. It was fun Des it was so fun, and I'm going to step out so our vacationers can get it as well. Might be time to take 3-4 days with no play time off though and come back fresh again. for me not you, your awesomeness awes me.