Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quite the Weekend!

It has been quite the weekend for me thus far. A lot of interesting and exciting things have happened that I must report.

Let me start with one I've been obsessing about the last couple entries. The "Love is in the Air" achievement title. I did it and now known as Desdarii the Love Fool! Thank goodness too for I would of been severely upset if I missed this one due to the candy bag's strange lack of appearance. The only thing I didn't see (or haven't seen yet) is the permapeddle pet. I did however have 6 lovely black dresses to hand out to all my friends.

Rewind back to Friday evening. Geearthur and Stesha pulled together a group of friends and guildmates to enter Blackwing Lair. This is actually a dungeon I had never seen all the way through. We easily made it to Nefarian and saw him laid down. An excellent achievement under everyone's belt.

Saturday evening I was bitten by some sort of achievement bug and decided to get the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. I had about 6 dungeons to run for the achievement and although I know for a fact I've done ones like Zul'Farrak and Scarlet Monastery, I did them again and cleaned that one out before calling it an evening.

Gwydion was kind enough to make Desdarii a Wispcloak of her very own and I'm very proud to say that Desdarii is back once again in all epic gear. I remember how excited I was when I did this back in the Burning Crusades. It's a very satisfying feeling to look so great and be proud of what you've earned.

This afternoon Geearthur and Stesha once again organized an old world raid. This time the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Goldy has visited this dungeon before but Desdarii had not. I was even the lucky duck who won Ossirian's head and was proclaimed for all to hear a hero of Sillithus!

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Mae said...

Congrats!! I love the love holiday, too!! You can see Majesty the Love Fool around the realms!