Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bag of Candies

From Kisirani:

The Bag of Candies had a fairly reasonable drop rate and was in no way bugged; however, due to the random aspect of the achievement, we discussed it and did hotfix an increase in last night. While I'm aware that some of you dislike the chance aspect of this achievement, it will remain in the meta.

And just to dispel all the superstition around it, no NPC has a greater chance of giving out candies. They're all equal.

Desdarii still hasn't had any luck obtaining even a single candy bag despite trying all last night and getting up early this morning. Hopefully an increase of the drop rate will help. I'm pretty annoyed that such a random feature is required for the title but I will keep trying and hope I have some luck.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to have a bag left over from last year, and combined with the two other bags that dropped, I got the achievement (with some to spare, nonetheless.) I will also say that I only got my bags of candies AFTER the fix.

I do, however, still need Peddlefeet :( I'm worried it won't happen for me this year.

Dumadin said...

Ahhh Des I can feel for you, some got lots of bags some not so many and some like you none. Not bragging but I've gotten 3 bags. I still need one last candy for it. I got two bags from the gnome where you port into IF.

Desdarii said...

I just now had my first bag of candies given to me. Hopefully I can get this achievement done. Its the last one I need for the title.

Dumadin said...

I have faith in the Des.