Sunday, February 8, 2009

Naxx Now Cleared to Kel'Thuzad

Our goal for this evening was to figure out the zombie chow kiting for Gluth. Maybe if we had time to finish clearing the Construct Quarter and poke our heads into the Military Quarter. We really need to start making some higher goals for ourselves.

After clearing out both quarters we decided to just "take a peek" at Sapphiron. Just to see our next nemesis. That turned into "lets just try the fight once" so we could get a feel for it before we left.

We ended up one shotting the great dragon. No gear changes, no preparation at all for the fight actually. Many of us didn't even know what the dragon's abilities were.

We were so proud of ourselves we screamed and congratulated ourselves on such a monumental task. Then we were facing Kel'Thuzad. And we again heard those voices. "lets just look at him" oh no "lets just try him once". We got him down really far. I don't remember the exact percentage but it was less than a quarter left of his health to go when things went badly. He called for help and our off tank (Keste) died in a frost tomb.

Still we have plenty of reasons to hold our heads high tonight. This was a successful night of raiding, indeed! Well done Bananas!


Gee said...

It was a good time last night! I could barely go to sleep, I was all amped up from taking him down that far without really knowing anything about the fight.

Sapphiron was a blast, as were the 4 horsemen. Razuvious makes me angry. Stupid clicky orbs that dont control the right mob. Oh well, we killed him too!

Stesha said...

Awesome night... considering I was one of those voices that said lets just go see him... hehe.

Alburet said...

Hehehe well next time lets just go take a look at..... hahahahaha

Seriously though what a blast we ran a bit over our time by about 40 mins due to the well lets just see... but what fun.

And it was 26% Des about 1.4 Mill Hp left and ya all would have had it if I had paid more attention. I was to close to two others I think Ny and Fire and he targeted me iceblock. Which means he got the 3 and we all went ack thud. That DPS would have been enough I belive.