Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My WoW Is Broked!

I was online earlier doing my jewelcrafting daily and was about to fly off to get some fishing in before the raid this evening when my game crashed. When I tried to start it up again I got a critical error.

I tried restarting. I tried repairing. Nothing is working! Ahhhhhhh!

Keste is helping me try to fix it but nothing really is more frustrating than sitting around waiting for my game to get fixed. I just hope I don't miss the raid because of it.



Anonymous said...

Oh no!

I hope you get everything sorted out ASAP!

Desdarii said...

Keste was able to fix it well enough for me to raid last night thank goodness although I'm afraid the entire ordeal made me quite cranky.

I crashed again upon trying to teleport to Dalaran and refuses to play again. This time though it appears the repair tool was able to finish it's task so hopefully when I'm done patching everything will be back to normal.

*crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog via Hulan the Holy. Let me just state the coincidence about my post today..."You broke WoW"! At any rate, I hope it's back to its 100% working self asap.

Alburet said...

Without our Des how can we go on? Okay thats it I'm going to Blizzard and makin them fix it Des.