Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Done with Eggs!

Well I am all done. I have gotten all of the achievements associated with Nobelgarden. I got several sets of all the clothing available so I didn't have to purchase any of those with chocolates. I didn't actually buy the bunny ears, though. The picture was taken just after I was hit with them by some passer-by.

Probably the hardest part for me was finding a female orc for Shake Your Bunny-Maker. It seemed like I always saw one while my flowers were on cool down. (Which by the way 5 min cool down? Why?) I finally ended up just stalking one who was taking care of business in Dalaran. I followed her to a shop where she probably repaired her armor, then on to the bank where she conducted business until I was able to slam some bunny ears on her head like a crazy person.

I also got to feel helpful as I have one of the rarer of the alliance characters, a female dwarf, in my line up. So I took some time running around Dalaran with Goldy to give people a chance to finish their achievements.

I also took the time to collect an extra 100 chocolates to purchase my Rabbit Polymorph spell. I of course needed the option to turn things into wabbits. I just wish I could polymorph multiple things at once and create a farmyard at my feet.

As a side note, take a look at those Spring Robes! Holy moly my girly parts are barely covered. I don't think I should be posing in outfits like that now. I'm someone's mother!


Anonymous said...

"...until I was able to slam some bunny ears on her head like a crazy person."

This made me laugh so hard :D

I'm glad you got all your achievements plus your Polymorph.

Alburet said...

Grats Des! hahaha yeah I can see the kidlet now. "Mommy why did you have a pic of your char dressed like a 3 dollar......" hahahahahaha