Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sarth +1 Down

We really haven’t been pushing ourselves for any kind of progression since forming our new guild. We cleared Naxx once or twice, came in and tried Sartharon with one drake up twice but then just killed him to get him out of the way. No big deal really.

Last night we decided we’ve been farting around long enough and time to get something done! We all watched a Tankspot video on doing Sarth with three drakes, grabbed our swords and maces and implements of destruction and entered Obsidian Sanctum.

Our plan of attack was to mimic the strategy from the Sarth +3 video. That way when we are practiced enough to add another drake we could continue our current system and just add to it. Seemed smart right?

Well Bananas don’t seem to think that way. We tried several times with the +3 positioning and gave up when we weren’t getting even a little big close to destroying the drake.

We went to a plan B. That’s B for Bananas, people.

We looked at who we had, what we knew we could do and created a strategy we thought would work for us. We had Vespyr, our Paladin tank, keeping Sartharon busy. Gabi, our Death Knight tank, poking the drake in the eye and we took Shalontas, our feral kitty, and made him go all bear on the elementals and whelps rushing around.

We positioned everyone so the DPS had very little movement required. Shalontas and Gabi worked well in gathering whelps and elementals all in a pile so we could AoE them down.

It took a couple practice runs in this new positioning but it clicked for us and we knew it was going to work. I believe it was only our third try when everything fell into place like clockwork and the drake and Sartharon went down easy as pie with everyone still standing. Another Bananas victory!


Vespyr said...

I r gud tank!

Was so good to run with you guys again last night!

Mae said...

Grats on the kill!!