Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noblegarden is No Fun

I have to express my extreme disappointment with the Noblegarden event. Clustered as it is in the little beginner town areas it is a breeding ground for Desdarii melt downs.

I'll try to state the positives first. For one, the event isn't tied to a timer like Hallow's End or Love Is In the Air. When I find a brightly colored egg I'm not locked out of continuing with the event for an hour or something silly. Also the eggs are fairly easy to find once you know where to look. It appears I can purchase the fun items in case the random generator decides to not be kind to me. They may not count for the achievement but at least I can still get them.

Now what I hate about this event.

Basically there is no rushing around to find eggs. There is no joy in searching and finding your prizes because moving about the area is counter productive to gaining many eggs. The area is so overcrowded that you have to find a spawn point and sit there for eternity to collect eggs as they spawn. At the same time you have to fight jerks who are trying like heck to grab the same egg as it spawns. It's the jerks that ruin this event for me.

I had this person who saw that I had been sitting in the same spot for quite some time and decided to sit at the same point with me. I very politely said "I have been sitting here for a while. Could you find your own spot, please?" I was told to "click faster". I would never behave such a way and was very upset. The person proceeded to sit with me for over 30 minutes trying beat me to picking up eggs. He wasn't very good at it and told me he hated me after missing so many. Yet he remained, determined to ruin my game time. I ignored him but cursed about him plenty in real life.

I wouldn't try to take eggs from someone who was clearly trying to collect from that singular spot. Maybe that's naive of me. I know the person honestly has no claim over those eggs but it's only polite to move on to your own space.

After an hour I decided this was ridiculous. Everyone rushing around, calling people names, all for the "good fun" of some achievements. How can camping an egg spawning point for hours on end be fun? What is Blizzard thinking? Sitting in one spot for hours and panicking to click on a egg first wins the Worst Event Ever Award from me. It had me so entirely stressed out I almost cursed at a critter that wandered too close to my egg spot. Not even a player, a harmless little critter.

To be fair, I was told by one of my guildmates that he was working on the event earlier and had a great time. It was before it became over crowded and he said it was fine. Perhaps the closer the event comes to a close the more luck I will find. I can also try tomorrow during the day and see if I find any reprieve from the horrible situation I was experiencing. Right now I'm just so frustrated and so entirely disappointed with this event I may not even finish it.


Bell said...

It seems like a lot of people have different experiences with this. I was a circuit runner, not a spawn camper, but no one ever called names or cursed anyone out or anything. Even when it was crowded, people were more likely to keep going or keep waiting. Talking wasted time that could be spent clicking eggs.

I finished this evening, collecting 223 eggs over the span of less than a day, in a crowded area, going from town to town. My server is not known for having nice people, yet no one was angry.

Or maybe it was all done in whispers and I don't know!

krizzlybear said...

I hate to be one to use ridiculously lame puns, but to over-invest one's self into these holidays could be akin to putting too many eggs into one basket.

*laughs nervously*

Winter's Veil was like that during that quest in Alterac when you had to kill the Yeti. Just gotta be patient, wait for low population, or teleport to less crowded cities. Good luck with getting this achievement!

Dumadin said...

Origanlly i was so jazzed about it being indifferent starting areas as opposed to just Elwynn forest. Then i got there and saw that it was stuck to just lowbie towns in each area. Pornshire haha, don't bother, Kharnos almost as bad, Dolonar jeeesh way to many ears. Azure watch when i first got there was kind of open and I settled into a spot as it seemed what everyone was doing. I was kind of upset that it wasn't spread though out each zone. It's flippin easter people, how would it have been as a kid if you parent shad hid all the eggs in the living room huh? So sad, and yes Des i saw those idiots who would just sit right there and annoy people. And how it got to be a race at times. Sucked, As I go to bed now at 11 Server time on day one it's a little less crowded. Most who got out there right away got what they wanted and left. So maybe in the next few days it will open up more. How ever BOO for blizzard for not spreading them out tough those four zones. Make people move darn it them baskets where for speed bursts but why when all that happened was campin spots. EEEgads. Oh well enough from me. ::HUGS DES:: If ya need me to come sit ontop of idiots tommorrow so they leave you alone let me know I will. If someone else is gonna cause you grief they ain't een me when I got an upset friend. Hehe