Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Different Game

We've been home from the hospital for a week now and my game time and goals are very different. I only get short spurts of time to play due to baby's eating schedule. As a result I have retired my raiding hat. Baby is up and hungry about every 3 hours which is the exact time for one of our raids. I can't justify making everyone wait while I change a diaper or warm a bottle. It makes me insane when others make me wait, I can't do that to others.

As a result, I've been mostly working on dailies. I still have my silly personal goals though. Like I absolutely need a Chef's Hat. I still have 40 more tokens to earn before I have it. I'm so happy I decided to keep up with the daily even after getting all the cooking achievements.

The fishing daily has made me feel useful in that I can use the fish I catch to create Fish Feast to put in the bank for the guild raiders to use. For those who haven't noticed, this item is no longer soulbound. I belly griped pretty loudly about how silly it was being soulbound. Apparently others agreed with me.

Finally I've been doing my best work with keeping the guild vaults filled with gems for others to use. I think they were in a bit if dire need as the first couple times I filled the vault, the gems disappeared quickly. Guildees have been great in supplying me with ore since I don't have a ton of time to go searching for it. I think it is working well and making me feel important.


Softi said...

Glad to hear you're both home and doing well. I know what you mean with leaving people waiting. That's why I just don't raid anymore. I know my guildies wouldn't mind, but it's just not fair!
Wishing you the most angelic of babies so you can enjoy a little bit of you time. :)

WELL DONE!! /hug

krizzlybear said...

The Guild has given me this unreasonable predispositions that mommies can certainly raid, but I'm quite sure that not everyone can do what Clara does, even if she is a fictional character.

Good luck with the baby! Unlike raids, babies are automatically set to heroic mode, so all the best!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Great to hear everything is well.

Give it time... it's great that you are getting short bursts... just remember to keep up a bit of spare energy for the coming months...

Clocks mean nothing to babies...

Alburet said...

Des you are always important, and I say ever once in a while you can make Dodge handle the little one and come along instead. hehehehe As for goals those are good and I for one am super happy you still play even if it is in spurts. Remember nap when you can as well because the little one will wake you in the middle of the night at times. Until we run across each other again ::HUG::

Cathy said...

I'm at a point in my life that my daughter is 15 and raids with us a fair amount. She is a resto druid, my husband a hunter and me the mage.

It can certainly be difficult to balance it all and I'm sure your guildies will be totally understanding of your time restraints.

You mentioned getting the chef's hat. Hmm I dno't think I could give up that many of my northern spices for it hehehe. I admire your determination:) Take a picture for us when you get it.

AND YES, get lots of rest


SeaRaptor said...

We're happy to have you around whenever you're able to play, Des. Don't think that because real life keeps you out of raids that you aren't missed or don't contribute. You have a new set of priorities, and we all understand and wish you the best with them.

BTW, we started passing around the hat for her first laptop and gaming mouse. We figure she'll make a great female dwarf paladin. ;)