Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Matron

Today I finished the Children's Week event. Only reason I completed all the tasks on day two of the event was because the achievement Daily Chores doesn't appear to be working properly. The way it reads, it makes it sound like you should get credit for doing a daily quest once a day for five days. Instead I received credit for completing any daily quests with my little orphan out.

The most difficult and irritating of was of course the School of Hard Knocks. I have had moderately good success in PvP with other characters but for some reason, I am absolute rubbish on my mage. Given the weekend battleground was Eye of the Storm, that proved to be the most popular and most difficult battleground to complete. It was for me anyway. I had no difficulty in Warsong Gulch. I've spent way too much time in that battleground in the past to not do well even as a gimped mage.

I went so far as to actually purchase my dual spec ability and start building a PvP set for Desdarii. That is something I had not planned on doing. I really didn't see a purpose for it but I ended up dead so quickly and often in EotS that I actually found it necessary.

I did get everything done thanks to Gabi and Gee's assistance. In turn, I helped Gabi with Warsong Gulch. I left him to do Arathi Basin himself. Goodness, I dislike that battleground.

I also owe a huge thank you to Gabi, Beorr and Brimlsye as they allowed me to stay in Utgarde Pinnacle with them when unexpected company arrived and I had to go AFK. I had done all the bosses but King Ymiron, which was of course the reason I was going for Hail to the King, Baby. They allowed me to stay and finished the dungeon and got me the achievement. To them I am very grateful.
All said and done it is day two of Children's Week and I am already known as Matron Desdarii. This is definitely my new favorite title.

I do love the little draenei orphan. Even after turning in the quests for the new little pets, I asked if I could continue taking Dornaa out and the Orphanage is allowing me to continue to mentor her. I'm sure there are plenty of other things I can show her that she is interested in.


Alburet said...

Show her your Easter outfit that aught to open her eyes up. Hahahahaha grats Des.

Mae said...

I won't lie, this holiday made my blood pressure rise. I'm not much of a PvPer, but Loveth helped me out and made it much easier. Just one more achievement, Hail to the King, and I'll be done!

Congrats on getting it done! :D

Jessica said...

Yes, the pvp achievement was the worst. Another guildie and I decided to group up to get it done and stay up as late as we needed to since it was a Friday night. We eventually had to pull other guildies into our group to help us out. EOTS was THE WORST... alli wouldn't even care about capturing towers, they would just crowd over the flag and wouldn't let any horde come close. My friend and I were cursing up a storm in vent, much to the entertainment of the rest of our guildies present :) I, too, am glad it is over!